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Antenatal Clinic at KGH

Communicating Evidence for Tongue and Lip Tie Surgeries

Create Perinatal Substance Use Physician Team in Acute and Community

Creation of a Total Knee Arthroplasty Program

Department of Anesthesia Internal Governance Agreement

Department of Anesthesia Recruitment and Hiring

Division of Urology Recruitment and Hiring

Early Pregnancy Loss Clinic Improvement

Emergency Department Urinary Retention Pathway

Endovascular Treatment for Stroke at KGH – Engaging Physicians for Implementation

Engagement & Collaboration in Patient Referral: Lymph Node / Lymphoma Biopsies

Establishment of a Multidisciplinary Endoscopic Pituitary Surgery Program at KGH

Evaluation of Creation of a Surgical Assist. Community for After-Hours Surgery

Feasibility of Trigeminal Neuralgia Radiosurgery

Follow-up Pathways in Medical Imaging

Gender Equity in Medicine (GEM)

Hospitalist Orientation Manual

Hospitalist Recruitment

Improvement of Heart Team Rounds – Adapting to a Virtual Environment

Improving Surgical Optimization and Pre-Surgical Education for Orthopedic Patients

Kelowna Neuromuscular Program

KGH ED Physician Work Pattern Strategic Redesign

KGH Emergency Department In-Situ Simulation

KGH OR Efficiency Challenges

Maternal Fetal Medicine Outreach Clinic at KGH

Medical Imaging Expansion & Service Delivery Strategic Planning

Medical Imaging Physician Recruitment

Modernizing & Consensus Building – GI-Related Checklists

Moving Thoracic Care Forward

Orthopaedic Pre-Surgical Screening Criteria

Pediatric Trauma Resources

Physician Recruitment in Radiation Oncology

Promotion of the Health Care Consent and Care Facility Admission Act / Adult Guardianship Act Section 59

Stamp Out Stiffness

Updating and Revising Current Anesthetic Record



1,000 Years of Caring – Physician Recognition

Anesthesiology & Administration Collaboration to Improve Perioperative Service

Anesthetic Consultation Quality Review by Survey

Assessment of Feasibility & Development of Lipid Clinic for BC Interior

Assessment of Goals and Resource Utilization of Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Building Physician Research Capacity

Business Case Development for Increased Access to PFT Services

Chronic Headache Patient Education Program

Clinical Care GI Pathways for IBD and Non-IBD Patients

Clinical Radiology Pathology Conference Upgrades

COVID-19 Phase II: Review of NightCAP Algorithms

COVID 19: Collaborative Protocol Improvement & System Hardening

COVID-19: Emergency Strategic Planning for Innovating On-Going Pediatric Care Through Telehealth

COVID-19: General Planning

COVID-19 Phase II: General Planning

‘COVID-19 Recovery Plan’ Booklet

COVID Airway Response Team (CART) Transition Project

COVID-19 Secondary Challenges: Improving T3 Logistics and Patient Care

Creation of a Multi-Disciplinary Neuro-Oncology and Radiosurgery Tumor Board Conference

Creation of a Surgical Assistant Community for Elective and After-Hours Surgery

Critical Care Multidisciplinary Follow-Up Clinic – Preliminary Investigation

Developing a Department of Anesthesia Policy on Night-Calls for Pregnant Anesthesiologists

Department of Anesthesia Procedures and Guidelines Reference

Department of Anesthesia Quality Dashboard

Department of OB/GYN Strategic Planning

Department of OB/GYN Strategic Planning Refresh

Department of Pediatrics Strategic Planning

Department of Psychiatry Orientation Manual & Community Resource Guide

Department of Surgery Strategic Planning

Developing a Consensus Approach: Work-up of the Axilla in Early Breast Cancer

Development of a Lung Cancer Screening Clinic

Development of a Central Okanagan Physician Health & Wellness Strategy

Development of a Severe Asthma Clinic

Development of Strategic Plan for Pulmonary Disease, Thoracic Surgery and Respiratory Medicine

Development of An Admission & Treatment Protocol for Management of Alcohol Withdrawal

Development of Clinical Pathway for ED-Initiated Buprenorphine/Naloxone Treatment

Development of a Multidisciplinary Stereotactic Radiosurgery Program

Digital Charting for Critical Care

Division of Critical Care – 5-10 Year Strategic Plan

Emergency Department Physician Recruitment

Enhancing the Physician Work Environment – Exercise Room

Enhancing the Work Environment – On-call Rooms

Expanded Microbiology PCR Testing

Explore Why Patients with Influenza-Like Illness are not Placed on Infection Control Precautions

Evaluation of ERCP Performed Under General Anesthesia

Evaluation of Neurology Telehealth

Facilitation Simulation Course Development

Gastrointestinal Oncology Working Group Planning Meetings

Hiring and Selection Committee for KGH Emergency Department

Hospitalist Management of Trauma Inpatients at KGH

Identifying Barriers to Engagement with Department of Medicine

Improved Access to Care – Rehabilitation Medicine at KGH

Improving Logistics and Patient Care While Managing Critically Ill Patients in T3

Improving Preparation for Pediatric Surgery (click or tap here to view the video)

Improving Sustainability in the Operating Room

Increased Access to BCCSU Opioid Use Disorder Module

Infectious Disease Quality Revamp

Kelowna MHSU Intake Redesign

KGH Department of Surgery – Quality Reviews – Planning Phase

KGH Emergency Department Mentorship Program

KGH Medical Imaging Orientation Manual

Managing the Changing Demands on the KGH ORs and Unscheduled Surgeries

Neuro-Critical Care Excellence Working Group

New Continuing Medical Education Program Launched for KGH

Obstructive Sleep Apnea Management Redesign

Optimizing Pediatric Perioperative Care in Children less than Two Years of Age

Outpatient Antibiotic Therapy in Marginalized Populations

Outpatient Parenteral Antibiotic Treatment (OPAT)

Outpatient Thyroidectomy and Parathyroidectomy Guidelines

Patient’s Role in the Provision of Cardiac Care

Peri-Operative Simulation Program

Physician Engagement in Workplace Health and Safety

Physician Leadership Development

Physician Leadership Development – Journal Club

Physician On-Call Tracking & Hand-Over Tool

Physician Recruitment – Department of Anesthesia

Planning for the Future of Continuing Medical Education

Pre-Op Pulmonary Optimization (POPE)

Pulmonary Function QI Review

Quality of Care Improvement for Critical Care Patients

Respiratory Outpatient Center Development

Sabbatical Redesign Project

Sleep Disorder Treatment

Spot Diagnosis of Random Urine Sample for Fentanyl Overdose

Standardization and Optimization – Care Pathway – Venous Thromboembolism

Standardized Intrapleural Lytics

Strategic Plan for Endocrine Expansion

Support and Discussion Group for New or Expecting Parents

Support for Training for KGH Hospitalists to Assist in the New Suboxone Starts

Supporting a Vibrant Department of Surgery with Recognition for Medical Leadership

Supporting the Role of the Family Physician at KGH – Phase I PlanningEnhancing the Work Environment – Hospitalists Service – Phase I Planning

Survey of Medical Leadership Remuneration Within KGH – Compared to IH – BC

Suspected Pancreas Cancer Triage

Telehealth Improvements for Division of Respirology

Telehealth Enhancement – KGH Medical Staff Training Session

The Nutrition Project

Transition of Diabetic Youth to Adult Services

Ulcerative Colitis Flare Pathway

Web-Solution to Improve KGH Cardiac Patient and Provider Education

Women in Medicine Working Group

Violence Prevention in the Emergency Department