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Information for medical staff to identify and submit initiatives for funding


Increasing support for facility-based physicians is a first of its kind initiative in Canada—resulting from the 2014 Physician Master Agreement between Doctors of BC and the Government of BC. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Regional and Local Engagement, signed by all the Health Authority CEOs, provides support and funding to medical staff associations to facilitate discussions among physicians and departments around issues that affect our patients and work environment.

Funding can be used to pay physicians for their time, hire staff, and support a number of prioritized projects and initiatives, ranging from patient care and system improvements to technology needs, to improving communication and consultation with Health Authority administration.

Please note:  If you believe the facility engagement application falls under the Retreat guidelines (click or tap here), there is no need to submit an application or project proposal.  Simply email the KGH Physicians Society ( and we will be happy to provide further information.


Identify challenges that impact physicians and/or patient care, and opportunities to work on solutions. Initiatives do not necessarily have to be large in scope and can range from no-cost proposals to changing how some work is done, to larger issues that have significant impacts.

Consider how opportunities can build relationships and effective communications within and across physician groups, and forge closer communication, trust and shared accountability between physicians and health authority leadership, while championing facility and system improvements.

Facility Engagement funding cannot be used for the following: Advertising with the exception of physician recruitment ads; compensation for clinical services; purchase of real estate and vehicles; purchase of clinical equipment; donations to charities or political parties; meeting attendance that is presently required as part of maintaining privileges.

You also need to be a member in good standing of the Medical Staff Society (paying current year medical staff dues) for your application to be eligible.


Please review (click or tap here) Guideline 002: Facility Engagement Funding for additional information.  Complete the attached form, or the electronic version below, and submit it with any relevant supporting documents to your Departmental Lead on the KGHPS Working Group. A confirmation of your submission will be sent to you.  Please submit the application no later than the first Friday of each month so that we can get it to the KGHPS Working Group who will review and rank all submitted proposals and make decisions on funding allocations. The applicant may be asked to present or provide additional information.

The applicant will receive notification of the status of the application within 4 to 6 weeks from date of submission. The Working Group will keep a list of ongoing proposals and encourage medical staff to review existing proposals so as not to duplicate efforts.

If you would like to access the Word document version, click or tap here.


Project Identification

Statement of the Problem or Need

Area(s) of Impact

Patient CarePhysician Work EnvironmentPopulation HealthReduction in Per Capita CostCapacity & FlowPhysicians Representation / Input MechanismsPatient SafetyUse of Allied Health ProfessionalsElectronic SystemsCommunication with PhysiciansCommunication with Health AuthorityDelivery of Program ServicesPassion & Energy

How will the funds be used? Project Deliverables and Beneficiaries

Strategic Context

Time Factors

Special Provisions

Related Projects

Project Assumptions and Constraints

Health Authority (HA) Engagement

This project would benefit from HA involvement as it required input, data, implementation, financial or inkind resources, etc.I need help finding the appropriate HA contacts.I am aware of the appropriate HA contacts and have included them below:

Name Title Department Contribution

Evaluation Plan

Project Expenses