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Advancing our vision of providing outstanding care.

The Kelowna General Hospital (KGH) Physicians Society, comprised of all members of the hospital medical staff, exists to advance opportunities to enhance physician engagement within the hospital, the Health Authority and the healthcare system at large.  Incorporated in September 2016 under the BC Societies Act, the Society is part of the provincial physician engagement initiative which emerged from the 2014 and 2019 BC Physician Master Agreement and is under the auspices of the Special Services Committee of Doctors of BC.

The Society creates opportunities for its members to collaboratively participate and express their views on matters that are important to them contributing to the development, prioritization and achievement of Interior Health plans and initiatives. 

The ultimate goals are improved quality of care for patients & their families and an improved working environment for facility-based physicians.


Get To Know Our Board Members

President, KGHPS Board of Directors
Past President, KGHPS Board of Directors
Secretary-Treasurer, KGHPS Board of Directors