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Helping Those In Need

Helping Those in Need 

Community-Based:  In a recent KGH Physicians Society survey, the Central Okanagan Foodbank and the Kelowna Women’s Shelter were identified as two of the organizations within Kelowna and surrounding area that have a significant impact on the well-being of our community, especially as the holiday season approaches.  Will you help us help them?

Did you know the Central Okanagan Food Bank currently provides food assistance to over 18,360 hungry children and youth in the Central Okanagan?  Every donation of $1.00 allows them to purchase $3.00 worth of food.  It’s easy to donate: click or tap here for the direct link.  In order to track the success of the program, please place the initials KGP (short for KGH Physician) behind your name.  We will not receive any personal information, just an overall total of donations from KGH physicians.

Kelowna Women’s Shelter provides free food, shelter, counseling, support and preventive education to women and their children who have experienced intimate partner violence.  Your donation helps to break the cycle of abuse. Click or tap here for the direct donation link.  In the ‘Message’ section, please note KGHPS.


Disaster Relief:  The recent catastrophic devastation that has impacted so many families in the Coastal and Interior regions of BC is a disaster that needs our attention.  The scenes that we see unfolding every day has led many to ask, ‘How can I help?’.  Here are a few links that may assist you.  This is an incredibly difficult time with so many needing so much.On Wednesday, the Canadian Red Cross launched a donation page to help fund humanitarian assistance to those impacted by the flooding and landslides, which led to mass evacuations and cut off entire communities from the rest of the province.  Donations made through the British Columbia Floods and Extreme Weather Appeal will be reserved for the current crisis, the charitable organization said, with no more than five per cent going toward fundraising costs.

Canadians can also donate to individual fundraisers through GoFundMe, though they should be wary of fraudulent campaigns designed to exploit public sympathy, the likes of which often emerge after major catastrophes.  GoFundMe has set up a centralized hub for verified fundraisers for B.C. flooding victims, which include campaigns for a number of displaced families and affected businesses.

“GoFundMe has a dedicated Trust & Safety team reviewing all fundraisers related to the tragedy,” the company said in an email. “We deploy proprietary technical tools and have multiple processes in place to verify the identity of organizers and the recipient of the fundraiser. Before money is transferred, an individual or organization’s information, including their banking information, must be verified.”  Anyone who spots a campaign that appears questionable can report it to GoFundMe to prompt an investigation.

The City of Abbotsford is now taking donations to help residents in need.  The Abbotsford Community Foundation have also established the Abbotsford Disaster Relief Fund, which will support front-line agencies that are providing essential services to the families impacted by the disaster.

Canadian Blood Services: In many parts of the Fraser Valley, blood donations are needed. Donors can visit the Canadian Blood Services website for details.

The B.C. SPCA is also collecting donations to support its response to the floods, including emergency boarding services for pets from Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Langley and Cowichan. Senior protection officer Eileen Drever told CTV News the SPCA is also co-ordinating with the province’s Emergency Support Services to provide pet food, crates and other urgent supplies to evacuees.  Donations can be made through the B.C. SPCA website.

DH News:  There is also a general site (click or tap here) that has other great options, some more localized than others.  BC Food Banks also has links to directly assist impacted communities as does United Way of BC.

If you feel there are others you would like to personally donate to, we encourage you to do so.


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